Off-Campus Access to WPI Library Resources

This guide will help WPI users access the library's subscribed content from anywhere there is internet access.

Introduction: Off-Campus Access to WPI Library Resources

Gordon Library provides remote access to subscribed information resources in a variety of ways. This guide will provide you with information about EZproxy and VPN access, as well as best practices and tips for getting access to what you need.

See below for quick start information and follow the links to the left for more details.

If you have questions or problems with access to information please contact the library so that we can investigate the issue: Ask Us or email to


WPI uses EZproxy, a commercial service provided by OCLC in order to connect WPI users to subscribed library content such as research databases and journals.

EZproxy works by appending a web prefix to subscribed materials that are linked from the library's website. When a WPI user follows a link with an EZproxy prefix while off campus, the link prompts you to login using WPI's single sign on (SSO) CAS Authentication. The easiest way for library users to ensure access to the library's subscribed content is to use links from the library's database pages or to search in Summon from the library homepage

For tips and tools for using EZproxy please refer to the link at the left.


WPI's Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be used for access to subscription information resources through the library but it is important to note that this option is not effective for all users and using VPN for access to library resources is not supported by WPI's ITS helpdesk.

VPN creates a private and secure connection from a remote computer to one on the WPI network.

For information about WPI's VPN services including instructions on use please visit

Technical Information about EZproxy

If you would like to know more about the technical details about EZproxy please visit OCLC, the vendor that provides it. EZproxy support: