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Off-Campus Access to WPI Library Resources: How EZproxy works

This guide will help WPI users access the library's subscribed content from anywhere there is internet access.

How EZproxy works

WPI uses EZproxy, a commercial service provided by OCLC in order to connect WPI users to subscribed library content such as research databases and journals.

EZproxy works by appending a web prefix to subscribed materials that are linked from the library's website. When a WPI user follows a link with an EZproxy prefix while off campus, the link prompts you to login using WPI's single sign on (SSO) CAS Authentication. The easiest way for library users to ensure access to all the library's subscribed content is to use links from the library's database pages or to search in Summon from the library homepage

EZproxy has the benefit of being seamless to users who access resources directly through the library website when off campus.  All links to subscribed content from the library website have the EZproxy prefix embedded.  For access to our research databases follow the links you will find at our A-Z Database list or any other link from the library website.  For example:

Databases and Electronic Resources:

Even free tools such as Google Scholar and PubMed have links that use EZproxy when accessed via library website so that users will see WPI library's FullTextFinder visible within search results. The FullTextFinder is a Gordon Library tool that connects users to WPI library's journals and databases, and links to our Interlibrary Loan service when full text is not available at our library.

View of the library's FullTextFinder embedded in PubMed when accessing it from the library website: