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Off-Campus Access to WPI Library Resources: Introduction

This guide will help WPI users access the library's subscribed content from anywhere there is internet access.

Introduction: Off-Campus Access to WPI Library Resources

Gordon Library's primary method of providing remote access to subscription databases and journals is through EZproxy. EZproxy works by affixing a prefix to links.  If a WPI community member links to content through the library website or through other links that include WPI's EZproxy prefix, that person is prompted to login using WPI's single sign on (SSO) CAS system in order to access subscription content from anywhere.

For those who primarily access library content without going through the library website, please use the instructions on this guide to download the bookmarks and bookmarklets that will enable you to take advantage of EZproxy and get seamless access to the library's subscribed content not matter where you are.

If you would like to create links to the library's content to embed within Canvas or another website adding the following prefix will enable other WPI users to login through CAS and gain seamless access to the full-text from anywhere:

If you have questions or problems with access to information please contact the library so that we can investigate the issue: Ask Us or email to