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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Doing research on the SDGs

Finding Books, Articles, and More

You can explore articles, books, and other resources about the SDGs by searching the subject SDGs in WPI Library Search. You can narrow your search to particular SDGs by selecting more specific SDG subjects under the "Subjects" facet from the left-hand navigation.

Databases that Support SDG Search

Finding Research on SDGs in SciVal

SciVal is a research analytics database available at WPI, published by Elsevier, and linked closely to their Scopus database. Like several other major databases of research publications, SciVal has made it possible to search for research publications related to the 17 SDGs.

To begin, see, or this article in Elsevier Connect

"...our data science teams worked with experts to create a Scopus search query for each SDG. We built the queries in-house taking a targeted and expert-informed approach to ensure the queries reflected the specific targets and indicators using a framework for query development we believed would generate the most valid queries...The initial work was part of a request from Times Higher Education, which asked for Elsevier’s help in defining SDG search queries for use in their University Impact Rankings by SDGs. This original query formed the starting point for several rounds of review and refinement (see workflow diagram below), which included looking at the publications returned by the search queries in Scopus. Full details of the methodology and results for each SDG search query are freely available on Mendeley, and the team continues to welcome feedback on the queries so they can be refined further."

Free research index offers SDG filter for searches is a free, AI-powered research database from Digital Science that now supports filtering results by SDGs. In 2020, they released a report highlighting the growth in research around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report Contextualizing Sustainable Development Research found more than 500,000 publications were published in 2019 relating to the 17 SDGs, constituting around 10 percent of the world’s total research output. "This is three times the percentage produced in 2000 when the UN introduced the Millenium Development Goals, the predecessors of the SDGs. While the US remains the top producer of SDG research, China’s research footprint has grown rapidly and it is now the second largest SDG-research power. India has grown quickly in SDG research, overtaking all the traditionally developed research economies in Europe. It is now in fourth place globally behind the US, China and the UK in SDG research volume. The UK has a more well-rounded or evenly distributed footprint, reminiscent of a larger and more diversified research economy such as the US."