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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): WPI Projects & the SDGs

WPI Projects and the SDGs

Since A Term 2020, WPI students completing Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) are asked to identify which SDGs are most relevant to their projects at the time that they submit their final reports in eProjects. In eProjects they can do this using a drop-down menu at the time of submission.

Student projects are then published through WPI's Digital WPI service, where students and other visitors can find project reports associated with particular SDGs. 

Students completing Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) can do so as well, but it is optional. 

Recent posters completed as part of the first-year Great Problems Seminar are also associated with relevant SDGs in Digital WPI.  To view these, go to this page and choose the UN SDG facet from the left navigation area.

For more about this feature and how it works, see the slide deck linked below.