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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG World Cafe


Welcome to the event page for the SDG World Cafe series. Our latest event was geared toward gathering student perspectives and was held on March 13th, 2024 in the Flip Space of Gordon Library's 3rd floor. This event was hosted to foster discussion among students and get a picture of their familiarity with sustainability and WPI's contribution to the UN SDGs.

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Recent Events

On March 13th, 2024, we hosted our first Student-focused World Cafe session in the Flip Space of Gordon Library. Students were asked to employ the Liberating Structure called Appreciative Interview to converse with other students about their experiences with sustainability. The general format is outlined in the slide show attached below. In addition to some general knowledge questions, students were asked to answer one or all of the following questions:

  • Where are you interacting with sustainability? Where do conversations about sustainability happen for you at WPI?
    • Particular classes, clubs, on campus, off campus groups?
  • What is the role of the WPI community (students, faculty, staff, and university leadership) in sustainability?
  • How is your student experience at WPI preparing you for a globally interconnected future addressing sustainability?

If you're a student and would like to share your answers to these questions, feel free to use the links below:

We intend to bring these same questions to other locations on campus to reach a wider audience of students in the future!

Past Events

Staff & Faculty SDG World Cafe, 12/5/23

In December of 2023, we held our first "SDG World Cafe" to foster discussion around WPI's contribution to the UN SDGs and our pilot internal report (see "WPI's Self Study Report" for more information on the report). The World Cafe Method uses small group conversations and Wiser Together Guiding Principles to create opportunities for deep discussion on complex issues. At this first event, we engaged with faculty and staff to better understand their perceptions of the UN SDGs and sustainable development issues within the WPI Community. We used the following questions to prompt discussions:

Question 1: Where do you think WPI is making, or has the opportunity to make, the greatest contribution to the SDGs?

Question 2: How would you like WPI’s SDG work to be represented and shared across campus and externally?

Question 3: In a perfect world, how might we help WPI further its contributions to the SDGs?

  • Through curriculum?
  • Through student activities?
  • In facilities?
  • Etc.?

After an hour of discussion, we concluded the event with a "harvest" where individuals could share patterns that emerged through these building discussions. Some of these patterns were captured by our visual notetaker for the event, Sol Giesso, seen below.


infographic based on conversations held during a December 2023 world cafe discussion on the SDGs at WPI