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Open Educational Resources: Adopt

How to find, adopt, adapt, and create open educational resources.

Steps for Adopting an OER

As-Is or Adapt?

Decide whether you will be using the OER as-is, or if you would like to modify or adapt the resource in some way. If you choose to adapt, see our Adapt guide.


Choose a method for distributing the OER to your students. This may be as simple as providing a link to the resource on a course website. You may also wish to provide a print-on-demand option, for those students who prefer printed materials.


An attribution statement gives credit to the author and lets others know how they can use the resource by including the open license information. For more information about attributing openly licensed materials, consult the Gordon Library's Copyright Guide.

Tell the Author/Publisher

Authors and publishers may wish to be in touch with faculty who are using OER they have created, particularly open textbooks. The Open Logic Project, for example, requests that instructors fill out a form indicating how they used the Open Logic OER. Authors/publishers may also be able to provide additional support for using an OER, or you can join a community of instructors who are also using that OER.

Tell Your Colleagues

We'd love to know about your experience and how we can support you in adopting OER. Contact us:

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