Open Educational Resources

How to find, adopt, adapt, and create open educational resources.

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Start Your Search

A great place to start your search for OER is an OER search tool, such as OASIS or the OER Metafinder. These tools allow you to search some of the main trusted sources of OER through their interfaces.

Search OASIS

Search the OER Metafinder

You can also search individual OER and open textbook collections, listed below, or find open access or licensed content through the WPI Library Search.

When in doubt, ask your librarian! We can help you find OER to use in your courses.

OER Collections

Open Textbooks

Library Resources

The library provides access to licensed and open access resources that are an affordable alternative to textbooks.​ Use the WPI Library Search to find resources to use in your courses.

Search suggestions:

  • Use the "Resource Type" facet in the left-hand menu to narrow your search results by the type of resource you're looking for, such as a book, article, etc.
  • Open access resources are flagged with an "open access" icon.

If you find a licensed resource that you would like to use in your course, contact us first so that we can confirm we have unlimited access to it for all of your students. Then, consult our instructions on how to link to library resources within Canvas.

Use the Suggest a Purchase form to make purchase requests for additional library resources. Note: we do not purchase textbooks.