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Curating your Online Presence: Home

Interested in boosting your visibility online? This is the guide to get you started.


An online presence will help you develop your professional profile and reputation; participate in global conversations with other professionals, and  have the tools to research and grow your professional network. Managing your online presence is about creating content that informs people about who you are and what you do, shares details, and often invites others to contact you.

This guide is for faculty, students, and staff wanting to learn about how to distinguish themselves academically or professionally online. 

This guide provides:

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Your Online Presence

If you have a thoughtful, curated, and professional academic online presence, your research is more likely to be found, read, and shared.

Before you start building an academic online presence, consider:

    Your goals: for example, are you creating an online presence to promote your research, connect with potential collaborators, or contribute to scholarly discourse?
    Your audience: what communities do you hope to reach, and what platforms are they on?
    Your privacy concerns: what do you want current and future colleagues, employers, students and others to find, and how can this be managed?
    Your time: how much time do you have for developing and maintaining your profile(s)?

A few rules of thumb:

  1. Consider your goals and select the tools that are best for reaching them. 
  2. Have concerns about putting yourself "out there" online? Select the tools that address your concerns.
  3. Choose tools that you can prioritize to keep fresh and up-to-date in order to meet your goals.  
  4. When building your online presence, it is critical to create a unique research profile to distinguish your work from that of others with the same or a similar name, and to make sure all your scholarly work is accessible in one place.

The underlying understanding in the above rules is that you do not need to be on every site. Be strategic!


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