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Curating your Online Presence: Scopus ID

Interested in boosting your visibility online? This is the guide to get you started.

Scopus ID

Scopus ID: A profile automatically created by Elsevier for any authors who have works indexed in Scopus. It includes impact metrics calculations similar to h-index, as well as citation counts. This ID is an auto-generated one.  It is imperative to check it for accuracy since it is used as by foundations, foundations, and publishers seeking authors, editors, grant reviewers and more.

If you are published you may already have an auto-generated Scopus ID

Whether you are aware of it or not, if you have publications or conference papers indexed in Scopus, you have a Scopus ID. Scopus IDs are used to identify you and your work so make sure yours is accurate!  Even funding agencies look to your Scopus ID to identify you as an expert.

Common inaccuracies with Scopus ID:

  • People who have published under different names (through marital name changes, etc.) may have two different IDs that should be merged.  Often this requires working closely with Elsevier (owner of Scopus) to correct the error.
  • People who have very common names can be misidentified
  • People with complicated names may have multiple IDs due to misspellings
  • People who have changed affiliations frequently throughout their career may have multiple Scopus IDs.

One way to help improve your Scopus ID is to connect it with an ORCID.  See ORCID information on this page for more information.

If you have problems updating your Scopus ID please contact so that we can help facilitate the process.