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Curating your Online Presence: Media & Tools

Interested in boosting your visibility online? This is the guide to get you started.


There are various online presence tools popular among academics, students, and professionals. These tools can be used to uniquely identify you, develop a personal brand, share publication information, recruit or be recruited, gather citation metrics and download counts, find collaborators, find funding, and more.
 ORCID is highly recommended for name disambiguation among academic researchers.

Details on each tool are provided via the links listed below.  The attached grid also provides a comparative summary of the tools listed.

Academic Media

Google Scholar Profile: A service that generates a list of your publications indexed in Google Scholar.  It includes impact metrics calculations such as h-index, citation counts, and the i10-index.

ORCID: A non-profit name disambiguation and online profile site for academics. From the website: “ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.”

Pivot: Funding search database available by subscription through WPI Library

Scopus Profile/ID: A profile automatically created by Elsevier for any authors who have works indexed in Scopus. It includes impact metrics calculations similar to h-index, as well as citation counts.

Mendeley: Elsevier product that includes citation management (comparable to EndNote), a career database, and research collaboration. Often referred to as the social networking tool for academics with download counts that feed into analytics tools such as PlumX Analytics.


Classic Social Media

Twitter: Classic social networking site used by academics to post and share research.  “Like” and “share” counts feed into analytics tools such as PlumX Analytics, which is embedded in Scopus.

LinkedIn: Networking for professionals and academics.  Find recruits and be found here.


Other Tools Despite the .edu domain, this is a commercial entity not affiliated with an educational institution. It is a file/paper sharing site for academics.  Some types of sharing on the site may infringe on U.S. copyright laws.

ResearchGate: A commercial file sharing site for academics. Some types of sharing on the site may infringe on U.S. copyright laws.


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