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Curating your Online Presence:

Interested in boosting your visibility online? This is the guide to get you started. Primarily used as a file sharing site for academics, but some types of sharing may infringe on U.S. copyright laws. Despite its .edu domain, this is a commercial entity not affiliated with an educational institution. allows profile users to upload papers, follow other researchers, and track your profile and paper views. offers a free account and a paid account, Academia Premium, which offers access to advanced profile analytics, advanced full-text search, a personal website, and a grant opportunity database. Select it or Reject it?

Why Select Why Reject
  • You want a profile that is easily findable.
  • Some automatic updating.
  • Allows you to block others from following you.
  • Provides statistics on how others are viewing and using your work.
  • There are many potential copyright risks in sharing files.
  • Automatic updates may prompt you to add papers that aren't yours.
  • You're concerned about setting up a profile with a for-profit company that can use your personal data.
  • To access detailed analytics, you have to subscribe to Academia Premium.
  • Others can follow you without your approval.