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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: For Faculty

Overview for Faculty

To better understand your role as advisor in the submission process, it helps to be familiar with the steps that have been performed by the student team members. The "For Students" section of this guide provides an overview and details about those prior steps. 

You may want to share the Project Submission Worksheet that can also be found on the For Students page (Step 3).

The student project team will have already assigned future access restrictions for each file submitted (note that only the PDF of the report is required).

  • Please be sure that your students do not submit any files, even restricted, that contain sensitive information, such as names of interviewees, or private information that your sponsor will not wish to make accessible worldwide.
  • Restricted files revert to worldwide access after 1-3 years, depending on the selection made during the submission process.
  • Some students choose to separate appendixes and restrict portions of the project, others decide not to upload information that may be considered confidential.
  • Review the FAQ tab in this guide (specifically web access options) for restriction options and be sure to come to a consensus with the project team & sponsor. 

The project team should be aware of submission due dates. We encourage students to submit at least a few days before the deadline, as you as the advisor will need to review the submission, communicate as needed with the team, approve the submission, and assign a grade by the deadline. 

For an overview of the submission and approval process in eProjects 2.0, see this article in the Hub.