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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: Step 5: Evaluate the Project

Step 5: Evaluate the Project

All individual students submitting projects, and all students on a team must submit their own simple project evaluation. The submitting students will provide their evaluation in the process of submitting the project. Evaluations are required before advisor(s) can accept and grade projects. 

  • This requirement ensures that WPI faculty hear from the students about their project experience so they can make future improvements in the process.  Students are invited to evaluate both their project experience and their advisors.
  • Student evaluations do not have the student's names or IDs in them, and they are not available for statistical analysis until after grading, allowing students to know that their grades cannot be affected by what they say.
  • The survey can be left blank if a student is concerned about privacy or has no opinion.

All student assessments since the 2019/2020 academic year are being collected through eProjects by the IT team, and will be made available by the Office of Institutional Research to students and faculty as aggregated anonymous results.