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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: Step 6: Submit your Project

Step 6: Submit your Project

When all this information is complete including evaluations, one student will submit the project to the advisor(s).

Once a project is submitted into the system, the advisor receives an email message notifying them that the project is ready to be approved. The advisor then logs in and examines the report and descriptive info. If it is satisfactory, the advisor can approve the work with a click. If it is not satisfactory, or if changes and edits are needed, the advisor can decline the submission, and an email goes back to the project group describing the changes needed. The students can then make changes altering the descriptive information and/or replacing the PDF, and re-submit to the advisor(s) for approval again.

No grades are assigned, and the project is not available for view, until the project has been accepted and graded by the advisor, and transmitted to and reviewed by the Registrar's Office.