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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: After Publication in Digital WPI

After Publication in Digital WPI

Once your project appears in Digital WPI, you can link to it or refer people to it from anywhere in the world.  Even if your project is under embargo, basic information about your project (title, author(s), advisor(s), abstract, etc.) will be available to the world, demonstrating your completion of this WPI requirement.

From the page that displays your work, you can click on "Analytics" to see how often your project has been downloaded since September 2020.

If you have embargoed your project (or files) you and your advisor will receive a notice 3 months, 1 month, and 2 weeks before the embargo expires.  If you wish to request an extension of the embargo period, your advisor can make that request for you by contacting

If you have any questions about your project in Digital WPI, you may contact us at