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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: Step 1: Review the Submission

Step 1: Review the Submission

Review the information entered by the student team to be sure that it is accurate, as after approval it becomes an academic record. 

A few pointers for when you are reviewing the information the student team has submitted:

  • Confirm the accuracy of the title, abstract, students’ names, and other information submitted.
  • For “on campus” projects, the project center will list “none”.
  • Verify each file added & restrictions. Please note that WPI faculty policies allow restrictions, including temporary embargoes, only under limited circumstances (usually to protect pending or planned intellectual property claims), and for limited periods of time (1, 2, or 3 years). As the advisor you will receive several emails before an embargo is released, and you will have an opportunity to extend the embargo if it is still needed.
  • Be sure the main report and the optional additional files do not contain private or confidential information. 
  • If the project has a sponsor who needs to review the project and request redactions, please note that you will be responsible for ensuring that the redacted project is provided to you no later than six months after submission. If the sponsor doesn't provide a redacted project within six months, the project will be released to the public as originally submitted.

If you are unhappy with some aspect of the student submission, or if there are errors that need correction, click the assign project back button, to allow the authors to make changes. After changes are made, the project team must again submit it for approval.