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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process: Step 3: Publication in Digital WPI

Step 3: Publication in Digital WPI

Once the Registrar has approved the project, they will release it for publication in Digital WPI.  This process may take up to a few weeks after the project is approved.

  • you will receive an email from the Digital WPI team before embargoed projects are released for publication.  At that time, if you want to request an extension of the embargo, you will be provided with information on how to do that.
  • if a project you've advised is in the process of being redacted by the sponsor before publication, the project will be embargoed for up to 180 days, until you have provided the redacted version to the Digital WPI team ( If you do not provide a redacted version, the originally submitted report will be released for publication when the embargo expires.

Once the project appears in Digital WPI, you will be able to view, retrieve, download, and share it.

Data on the number of times a project report has been downloaded since September 2020 is displayed by clicking the "Analytics" button on the screen for the full record.